Welcome to Even-Strength

Welcome to Even-Strength!

Our goal is to provide to fans with an accessible platform to navigate NWHL stats.
On this site, you'll be able to find player and team data, as well as charts
and tools for easy analysis.

References and source information can be found in the Sources tab under More.

This is still a work in progress, so please contact @even_strength on Twitter if
you find any problems or have any suggestions.

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Jake, CJ, Matt & Alyssa
note: coordinates were not recorded for 15-16
vertical line denotes a penalty

Season Standings


Play by play data acquired from the NWHL (nwhl.zone) collected via NWHL Scraper by Jake Flancer
All images, player data, and standings data from nwhl.zone
Website Created and Designed by Jake Flancer
Server and Backend Managed by Alyssa Longmuir
Tableau creations by Alyssa Longmuir and Carlie (@quarkyhockey)
eTOI data via CJ Turtoro
xG data via Alyssa Longmuir
Game Score via Shawn Ferris adapted from Dom Luszczyszyn
Point Shares via Jake Flancer adapted from hockey-reference
Rink code via Prashanth Iyer
Additionally, thank you to all that provided help and feedback during the design process


Explanations of Abbreviations/Stats

GP- Games Played | G- Goals | A1- Primary Assists | A2- Secondary Assists
PTS- Points = G + A1 + A2 | PrPTS- Primary Points
SOG- Shots on Goal | FOW/FOL- Face-off Win/Loss
PIM- Penalty Minute | Blk- Blocks | TO- Turnovers | Sh% or Sh.- Shooting Percentage
SV- Saves | GA- Goals Allowed | Sv.- Save Percentage
PDO- Sh% + Sv% | GF/GA + SF/SA- Goals/Shots + For/Against
Plus/Minus- Conventional Plus/Minus Calculation | GF%- GF/(GF+GA)
PP/pp + Sh/sh + 5v5 - Denotes a powerplay / shorthanded / 5v5 event
GS- Game Score created by Shawn Ferris at https://hockey-graphs.com/2018/03/22/an-introduction-to-nwhl-game-score/
PS- Point Shares created by Jake Flancer adapted from https://www.hockey-reference.com/about/point_shares.html
OPS- Offensive Point Shares- measures offensive production | DPS- Defensive Point Shares- measures defensive production
ixG- Number of goals a player is expected to score given the quality of their shot attempts, created by Alyssa Longmuir
eTOI- A player's expected TOI given their usage relative to their team, created by CJ Turturo